The Ultimate Ugly Christmas Sweater List for 2017

The Ultimate Ugly Christmas Sweater List To Help You Stand Out This Holiday Season

Ultimate Ugly Christmas Sweater List

Need the perfect ugly Christmas sweater, but haven't a clue where to find one, or what kind will suit you best (or worst)?

Over the years and throughout my travels, I've found many a crazy jumper. Or, I've knit one myself. Or, I've patched one together in an attempt to win a prize. Or... well, you get the jist.

These are my favorite ugly Christmas sweaters, 2017 edition. All *should* be available from the sellers I've linked to - feel free to post more links in the comments or let me know if something isn't available. 

Let's Get Lit Ugly Christmas Sweater

Let's Get Lit Ugly Christmas Sweater

There's awkward... and then there's AWKWARD.

These ugly Christmas sweaters toe the line between hilarious and cringe-worthy, and in a few cases, downright scary. 

Grab one of these when you definitely want to be noticed, or, want to have complete strangers come up to you all night, starting random conversations. If nothing else, these are fantastic icebreakers for singles

The Retro Ugly Christmas Sweater

She-Ra Ugly Christmas Sweater

She-Ra and He-Man Ugly Christmas Sweater

Yea, I get it. You miss the 'old days', even if that was just a week ago. So you want to wear a fugly sweater that just happens to honor your wacked interests in TV, movies, and/or culture. Hilariously, there's lots of options for you!

The Hilarious Christmas Sweater

Naughty or Nice Ugly Christmas Sweater?

Naughty or Nice? Ugly Christmas Sweater

The Fine Line Between Sexy and... Not

Reindeer Climax Ugly Christmas Sweater

Reindeer Climax Ugly Christmas Sweater

Sure, you want a sweater that stands out this holiday season. So why not take the awkward, rude and just plain silly, and wrap it all up in some sex appeal? C'mon, you know you want to.

The Just Plain Ugly Christmas Sweater

Poinsettas and Plaid? A Truly Hideous Ugly Christmas Sweater

Poinsettias and Plaid? A Truly Hideous Ugly Christmas Sweater

This section had me gagging. Just a teensy bit. 

Yea, they aren't THAT bad, and yet... don't say I didn't warn you before you clicked.

The More, Uh, Unusual Christmas Sweater

Laser Cat-ZIllas Ugly Christmas Sweater

Laser Cat-Zillas Ugly Christmas Sweater

Most of these ugly Christmas sweaters offer up something different - perhaps moving parts, or sounds and effects. Or, they were just so out there, I had nowhere else to list them. 

The Obnoxious, No-Good, Very Bad Christmas Sweater

Jingle Bros Ugly Christmas Sweater

If you're still with me... and laughing... then you're probably waiting for the perfect ugly Christmas sweater that will possibly offend (many), and make others flock to you like elves to unicorn poop. You're welcome.

The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Ugly Christmas Sweater Kit

You know you want to.... so why not throw a themed shindig, so that your friends can show off their horrible attire right along with you?

Create Your Own Ugly Christmas Sweater


If you're crafty, you're probably not on this page. Still, you technically *could* learn to knit, sew, crochet or otherwise create your own masterpiece. Right?