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What Does Friends With Benefits Mean?

What does friends with benefits mean? It’s not that tricky of a question, although, I get asked about it a lot. Maybe someone asked you if you wanted to be FWBs, or perhaps you saw a show that referred to this odd term. Regardless, let’s define it, get examples, and see where else it’s used […]

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Awesome Breakup Memes That Hit A Bit Too Close To Home

There are breakup memes, and then there are awkward breakup memes. These ones? They’re definitely in the awkward camp. Hoo boy. Make sure to save them. Why? Remind yourself in a pinch. Or, you know, a friend. That friend that won’t stop whining about their ex… yeah, that one. GIRL, GET FOCUSED WHEN IT’S TIME […]

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LDR Date Ideas To Keep You Connected

When you’re in a long distance relationship (or, LDR for short) it might prove tricky to come up with some LDR date ideas. I mean, how do you stay connected when you’re 5000 miles from one another, or even just separated by a few hours? Luckily, I’ve compiled a list of fantastic tips, suggestions and real-world […]

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The 10 Best New Years Resolutions For Singles

Have you found a few New Years resolutions for singles yet, or are you still searching for one or two that resonate? Whether you are a single person looking for love or a person who loves being single, here are some New Year resolutions to explore and possibly adopt as your own. 1.  Smile and […]

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Lust or Love Quiz – Do You Know For Sure?

Is it lust? Love? Something in between? This free lust or love quiz will help you quickly and easily decipher your feelings, as well as whether the other person feels the same way, too. Take about 10 minutes to answer as truthfully as you can. Go quickly, whatever feels right to you in the moment […]

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