Ready To Transform Even More?

Of course you are. You’ve done the hard work already. You decided to Flip the Single Switch and transform your love life.

I love your willingness to take the book a step further, get more support, and take the next step. 

Because we all know the best part happens after the credits of the movie, right?

So what exactly is waiting for you?

First, there’s a free workshop version of Flip the Single Switch. It’s now only available to those that bought the book. You’ll get reminders of when to work through the days via email, and you can easily print out each day if you want to.

Then, I’ve created a Facebook Group for those who want extra help and have questions directly related to working through the five day transformation.

Then, there’s the Bibliography. It’s an essential reading list of its own, but also, shows you where many of these processes came from, and where I adapted them for my own use.

Finally, there’s a list of healing and transformational resources that I recommend. If you want to go deeper, or, need more support, this is the section for you.

Are you ready? The credits are over. It’s time for our new lives to begin.

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