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My Online Boyfriend Won’t Meet Me. Help?

Gillie wants to know if her online boyfriend is real, just really shy and/or busy, or, if she’s being catfished. “I’ve met a guy online and we’ve been dating through  Skype and Facebook for a long time. We both really like one another and have yet to meet in person. The physical distance is negotiable […]

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What is Catfishing and Why Should You Care?

What is catfishing? Simply, when one person pretends to be someone else online, almost always in an online dating context. Several well-known celebrities have been catfished quite publicly, including Manti Te’o and Thomas Gibson. How Did Catfishing Start? Catfishing isn’t a new concept; people have lied about their identities since the dawn of the personals column […]

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What Does Friends With Benefits Mean?

What does friends with benefits mean? It’s not that tricky of a question, although, I get asked about it a lot. Maybe someone asked you if you wanted to be FWBs, or perhaps you saw a show that referred to this odd term. Regardless, let’s define it, get examples, and see where else it’s used […]

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